Complete Website Redesign

Wireframe a Site That Will Convert Before You Start Designing & Developing

In many cases, it makes more sense to completely revamp your web site before incrementally improving results. This is usually the best solution when one of the following are your situation;

- You’re changing your business model and need to make considerable changes to the functionality of your site.
- You’re changing platforms to help with performance and are looking to invest in serious improvements all at once initially to get things ramped up quickly.
- You’re site is seriously old and is so “broken” that it will actually be more efficient and less costly to throw out the old and bring in the new.

What a Redesign Encompasses and How Your Site Can Be Planned Out To Succeed

Profile Creation:
I start out by understanding your business more effectively by getting on a series of phone calls with your customer facing employees as well as executives so that I can more effectively understand your visitors. After getting a better handle on who your visitors and customers are, I create a set of profiles or otherwise known as personas which represent the different buyer types that are coming to your site and interacting with your sales process.

Wireframing or Laying Out The Elements On Every Page in Black & White.
These profiles/personas help me to outline what experience each type will be looking for when coming to your site.  Wireframing is the process of mocking up and laying out the experience of the site before handing it off to a designer. It includes the black and white layout of all of the elements on each page of the site as well as the direction of the responsibility each page has to answer certain questions or move visitors forward in their buying process. 

Don’t Have Designers or Developers In Place? I Can Create a Combined Proposal With My Trusted Partners
I work with parters who I trust to deliver on each part of a web marketing and implementation strategy. From initial wireframing to execution of the wireframe into a design and then development, I can put together a proposal quote for those pieces you’re looking for in particular. I also have partners who can help you with Online Marketing Strategy (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Blogging and Newsletter) as well as the execution of this strategy.

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