Fix Your Existing Site

Turn Your Traffic Into More Sales/Leads

There isn’t a one size fits all solution to my client’s performance problems they are experiencing.  Every client comes in with a different set of circumstances and influencing variables that I first need to assess before recommending the solution that will help them reach their goals effectively.

The Three Step Process To Improving Your Results

The way that I approach Conversion Rate Optimization may be slightly different from other consultants or firms. I won’t just look for a bunch of things I want to test on your site and then start setting up a serial testing plan. I take an approach that looks at where the highest impact opportunities exist first and then approach the improvement plan with this in mind. There are three main steps that can be identified from my approach. These don’t always happen in sequence, sometimes they happen in parallel to a certain extent.

Step 1: After digging into your Analytics to get an understanding of your visitor’s behavior on your site in more detail, I point out where your late stage visitors (the ones who are ready to take action today) are having a hard time moving forward in their buying process. In some cases, it makes more sense to completely overhaul certain pages on a site because what we’re working with is completely wrong, and in other cases, it makes sense to test improvements to these pages to improve performance.

Step 2: Once I’ve made some improvements to the conversion funnel for these late stage visitors, I begin looking at the sources of traffic that are sending visitors to a client’s site. The goal is to generate more late stage visitors to send into the experience that we’ve been working to fix. Depending on your current marketing strategy, sometimes my suggestions will be focused on your email strategy, and in other cases your adwords strategy. I’ll be looking to get you better bang for your buck at this point.

Step 3: This step is the most involved and can take the longest. The goal is to understand your early and middle stage visitors more effectively (those people that are not convinced they want to buy from you or become a lead, but are just starting their search). In some cases, I create personas to represent a client’s customers to help with my analysis process of this step. By understanding the visitor more effectively, I’m better able to empathize with the visitors and improve the experience on a site to more effectively meet the needs of a visitor. In some cases, I recommend completely overhauling pages to have a better baseline to begin improving upon and in other cases, I recommend testing incremental changes to improve performance.

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